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Rambling Discourse on Western Hypocrisy

Sometime ago I had a short discussion regarding the morality of the USA dropping two atomic bombs on Japan in an effort to end the war without further American loss. I wondered if one bomb would have been enough even though the Japanese did not respond to the demands for surrender. The point is moot whether waiting a bit longer before dropping the second bomb on Nagasaki might still have resulted in surrender.

I was really thinking about the dangers of retroactively applying our 21st century thinking to a time and situation that we cannot understand. We know that there were huge American losses as they fought their way across the Pacific and I can understand that the appetite to lose more was not there. It must have been an attractive thought that the large loss of life in ending the war should be Japanese and not American. The large majority of the lost lives were civilian, and amounted to some 200,000 people. The war was ended and the World had a demonstration of the awesome destruction which mankind now possessed.

Historically we can trace the progress of man’s killing ability. I think of Kubrick’s 2001 where an ape discovers that he can hit something with a long bone and break that something. It took only a short time for him to understand that he had a weapon and to set about promptly using it on other apes. Through the centuries weapons developed and eventually we had gunpowder and were able to send lethal missiles for long distances. By the time air power came along with the ability to drop high explosives and incendiaries, man was now in a position to become remote from those being killed. Up to this point killing in war time was usually up close and certainly more personal. The number of people being killed was being exponentially increased till the time of nuclear weapons when the multitudes who would be destroyed is almost beyond comprehension.

The original discussion started with the question being asked as to whether dropping atomic bombs on civilians could be considered a war crime and against the Geneva Convention which is supposed to contain the limits of warfare and delineates what is criminal and what is not. Pretty stupid, I think as surely war itself is rather nasty and will always degenerate into whatever nastiness will win. The point being made was, however, how the West is perhaps being more than a little hypocritical. We have “the crimes against humanity” Court in the Hague, which has tried a number of individuals for war crimes. No one from the West has been tried. Africans and former Yugoslavians seem to be fair game.

Since the ushering in of the Atomic Era wars seem to have been conducted over the globe in incessant fashion. Some individual soldiers from the West have been tried in Military courts for war crimes. Burning villages in Viet Nam; shooting civilians in Afghanistan and in Iraq. But what about the obvious large war crimes? 500,000 children died in Iraq due to Western sanctions against that country. Well, the sanctions were an attempt to get rid of Saddam Hussein who was supposed to be an evil tyrant. The children died of starvation and in an infamous 60 Minutes interview the American Secretary of State, Madeleine Allbright, said that their deaths had been worth it. Is that worth a trip to the Hague?

I will stay in Iraq and ask whether Tony Blair and George Bush, who lied to their respective legislative bodies about the existence of weapons of mass destruction being held by Saddam Hussein, could be considered guilty of war crimes. Many deaths occurred because of these lies and many more will occur in the future because of the use of depleted uranium in the invasion of Iraq.

We can apply our modern sensibilities to the activities in Iraq as we have lived through the time of these events. In real time we can watch events unfold in Syria, the Ukraine, Libya and still Afghanistan and Iraq. Why are we, the West, in these countries in the first place? If our reasons are not totally justifiable are we not guilty of war crimes? I know we are battling ISIS, or are supposed to be battling ISIS, but as there would seem to be evidence that this entity was created by the West in the first place, surely that hardly counts. I am using the term “the West” deliberately. There may be many who would say, with some truth, that I should be talking about the US and the UK. However the rest of us go along with it and are therefore complicit in the crime. The rulers of these invaded counties are, and were, nasty individuals, but at least there was a much lower mortality and destruction of lives under their rule than as a result of our interventions. I have seen very little in our main stream media about this topic. Are they guilty of crimes by their silence?

There is much more that could be said about man’s inhumanity to man, but I have said enough for now. I have been a bit rambling in this post but I have tried to point out that our willingness to tolerate the destruction of other parts of mankind seems to have kept pace with the increase in our ability to destroy. As our new cold war rumbles on I find myself being afraid that we could be close to the destruction of all mankind. I have leapt from the Middle East to the West’s confrontation with Russia and China without explanation; sorry about that, another time, perhaps. We now face the possibility of nuclear annihilation if any mistakes are made. I would submit that the fault for this lies largely in the West as there is little evidence that the Russians wish to wage war on us. The Chinese would prefer to defeat us commercially rather than martially. Washington and the City of London are the ones who are pushing us towards this disaster. Our governments and opinion makers are guilty also by their silence. We need radical change in how we, the people, can communicate our displeasure to our governors. More of us need to wake up and confront the dangers we face. The evidence is clear that we are standing at a precipice and may just fall off.

Micro-aggression and other fairy tales

I have been pondering what to write. Much of what I would like to say would result in me suffering a rigorous visit from the tax department; or perhaps my medical licence would be forfeited for having an opinion against the big-Pharma, big medicine and big government cartel which decide how to manage our illness-perpetuating system of health care. I could get nasty about the absolute scam that passes for modern state education. Perhaps dissecting Canada’s totally unpayable debt would be useful. I have decided to pass some comments about modern life which may require some deciphering between the lines.

I am bemused by a number of things. A year ago no one outside of a Research Institute had ever heard of the Zika virus. In this short space of time it has become the greatest threat to unborn babies ever. Medical research has been conducted at awesome speed with fully formed papers appearing much faster than the usual protocol and time lag takes to write accurate medical trials. There are even hints that a vaccine will soon be available. Big Government will soon be gearing up to offer “voluntary” vaccination programmes which will have a fair bit of coercion built in. Having got rid of one Brazilian president and installed a temporary president with deep ties to the CIA, the main objective of hammering Brazil has been achieved. Brazil’s Crime? It was part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India,China) group and outside the American sphere of influence. That could not be allowed to stand. The Olympics will be cancelled in all probability or moved somewhere else leaving Brazil as a financial basket case. The country will be broke and the US -un International Monetary Fund will come in with loans in return for ferocious cuts in services to the people of Brazil. Vulture Capitalists will swoop in and take over businesses at pennies on the dollar thus kicking one leg out of the BRIC stool.

A year ago we were aware of lesbians, bisexuals and gays. Out of the blue a T has been added to the acronym LBG and major social wrong just had to be corrected. But there is not a large number of Transgenders. According to the Globe and Mail today there is now a Transgender community and Canada is going to re-write the public bathroom rules to accommodate those who are uncertain about their gender. Now we, as a country, have a lot more to worry about than anguishing over some individuals preferred excretory position. I know there is more to it than bathrooms, but once again a vocal minority with their legion of social warriors (to make themselves feel good) are distracting us from real problems like financial collapse, corporate takeover of government, breakup of the Country, USA inspired world war and even that hoary old chestnut climate change.

Climate change rumbles on with Ontario – which is totally broke – is about to spend 7 billion dollars to ensure that Ontario houses will only be heated by electricity and that the Province’s roads will be clogged with electric vehicles whose batteries have run down. Now this electricity has to be green so oil, nuclear and natural gas are to be gradually banned as electricity generating fuels. That will leave solar and wind on a massive and expensive scale to produce the bulk of the province’s energy needs. They are going to need lots of them and as Ontario has a winter, there may be many days after ice storms and heavy snow when no energy will be generated nor delivered. This is being perpetrated on the voters based on dubious and often falsified science.

Another fast developing meme is that Universities are apparently filled with students who are easily disturbed, poor things. They must have safe spaces and their lecturers must not upset the snowflakes on pain of losing their jobs. There seems to be something called micro-aggression rife in the University environment. As I did not know what micro-aggression was I asked my wife. She is a women and should know how her sex are micro-aggressed. She told me that micro-aggression occurs when an ant crawls up your leg.

Our Canadian government is, by all accounts, serious about participating in the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and the TTIP ( Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). These are supposed to be free trade deals but the voting class and many of the ruling class have no idea what is in these agreements and will not be allowed to peek until well after they have become law. This makes me a bit suspicious and reminds me of Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, who said the Congress had to pass the Obamacare bill before any one could see what was in it. One thing is clear however: these treaties will allow large Corporation to get bigger and more monopolistic. Corporations will also be able to override the laws of Sovereign Countries in order to get their own way. Monsanto’s Roundup and genetically modified foods for everybody at twice the price.

While distracted by the rights and wrongs of bathroom privileges, the US edges closer to war with China in the South China Sea, and Russia in the Ukraine and Syria. No one notices. At least not if they rely on main stream media for news. Big banks go on manipulating markets all over the world and face only fines if caught. The fines are always much less than the profits gained and after the fine the bankers go back to manipulate some more. There has still been virtually no coverage in Canadian print or radio or TV concerning the Bank of Nova Scotia’s probable involvement in manipulating the precious metal market — costing many miners their livelihoods, investors their profits, thus cheating many people. Nothing is being said about this. How many other frauds are known to the media but are not exposed?

We live in a cesspool and the majority of us have been cheated out of a great deal of money. I read the other day that Peggy Noonan, a former speech writer for Ronald Reagan, has said there are only two classes of people. The top she calls “the protected” in that they are the top financial, political, and bureaucratic people living in gated communities and protected, at tax payers’ expense wherever they go. The rest of us are “the unprotected” who are left to survive as best we can in an illusion of democracy. There is of course no way that we are picking who rules us though there is a veneer of choice given to us. The parties are essentially the same promising more than they can pay for and reneging on many of these promises within days of being elected.

Even elections are rigged to a varying degree and of course, the main street media does its part by suppressing negatives concerning their chosen candidate and blowing up the positives. It is similar to how Big Pharma runs its business. Successful drug trials are published while those with problems rarely see the light of day.

It is sad to reflect that at the beginning of the 21st century nothing is true, and everything is manipulated or misrepresented without penalty.

Canadian Government Complicit in Deception and Cheating.

By now it should be evident to any sentient being that every market in the world is manipulated by big banks at the behest of the US treasury and the US Federal Reserve. All currencies are also being pushed around by the same people. In the past seven years many large banks, European and American, have pleaded guilty to manipulating the housing market, the Libor market on which all interest rates depend, the currency market and a few others. This week Deutsche Bank legally admitted to manipulating the gold and silver market for years. For Canadians to our shame, the Bank of Nova Scotia — Scotia Mocata its bullion branch — has been implicated in manipulating the precious metals market. Could this be why our Government sold our remaining four tons of gold? Perhaps the Bank of Nova Scotia’s need was greater than the country’s.

No banker has gone to jail for any of these crimes. In fact Jamie Dimon CEO of J P Morgan and Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs have miraculously become billionaires since 2008. Yet J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs along with many other banks have been found guilty of fraud many times over. Only this week Goldman Sachs were fined a few billion dollars for mortgage fraud which undoubtedly gained them many billions more in profit.

Now a Canadian bank has been charged with belonging to this sleazy mob of banksters. What a disgrace! They have not pleaded guilty but Deutsche Bank have claimed that they will name their co-conspirators and prove their guilt. I have been a long term follower of the currency and precious metal markets and have been pretty sure for some time that the Bank of Nova Scotia have been involved up to their smelly armpits in illegal activity. I scoured Canadian news outlets for this story which broke yesterday and apart from Reuters there was not a word to be found.

My anger at what has been going on in the financial world has been increased by the fact that our Government, previous and present, must be very aware of the fraud which is being perpetrated on the citizens of the World, Canadians included. Not one of our politicians or any of our main stream media writers and broadcasters have anything to say about the venality of our system: a system which benefits a tiny number of people at the top and keeps their enablers, politicians and bureaucrats, employed. The rest of us can pay and pay and pay for declining services which become more expensive by the day.

None of this had to happen. We, the voters, have allowed ourselves to be bribed by our own money. We have been defrauded and our leaders know it and enable it. It cannot end easily and peacefully, particularly in the country to our South. We Canadians are the quiet Americans, but our masters are as guilty as those of any other country and I would find it difficult to believe anyone who tries to say I am wrong. Saying nothing and not defending their citizens makes a Government as guilty as any perpetrator. We are long past the time when things can just be held together and the population kept quiet enough that the game can go on. I fear for our future.

Serious events are accelerating quickly in the banking and currency world and we are heading for disaster. If we are lucky that disaster will be monetary and not nuclear. I have been accused in the past of belonging to a conspiracy camp. I do not, but I can see what is going on and can think. I know that there are people in power who are psychopaths and dangerous. 2016 will be a year of consequence.

Freedom; are we free?

Having missed a couple of days work due to a recurrence of back pain, I have had time to tie myself into knots as I contemplate the nature of freedom and wonder just how free we are. I came across a quote from Lew Rockwell today, which although he is talking about capitalism does seem to explain what freedom should be;

Capitalism ought to be our default position, since it conforms to the basic moral insights we acquired in our youth: keep your word, live up to your agreements, don’t take what doesn’t belong to you, and do not cause anyone physical harm.

Of course my esteemed compatriot Adam Smith had a lot to say about freedom. A small sample;

All systems either of preference or of restraint, therefore, being thus completely taken away, the obvious and simple system of natural liberty establishes itself of its own accord. Every man, as long as he does not violate the laws of justice, is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest his own way, and to bring both his industry and capital into competition with those of any other man or order of men. The sovereign is completely discharged from a duty, in the attempting to perform which he must always be exposed to innumerable delusions, and for the proper performance of which no human wisdom or knowledge could ever be sufficient: the duty of superintending the industry of private people.

Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations [1776]

Both men are saying that humanity works best when it has liberty and does not violate the laws of justice. I would almost say this should be natural justice, not the manufactured “justice” produced by myriad laws and regulations; the production of these is modern government’s claim to fame. The American government adds some 1000 pages of new regulations every year and as a consequence the average American breaks 3 to 4 laws every single day. I have no idea what our Canadian government produces in new laws per year but I am certain that it is pretty good at issuing law after law after law.

I have been reflecting on my own life. In order to practice medicine I have to pay yearly for a licence. Why is this a yearly fee? It is rather like a drivers licence. Once you have proved you can drive why do you have to pay a fee every 5 years to continue to drive? In my case it is compounded by the fact that I must join the medical Society of Nova Scotia. Unless I pay the fee for that I cannot be granted a licence. I have to be insured and I have no quibble with that as it is only good common sense to be insured against medical disasters. I am suspicious of compulsory membership of a professional society which claims to represent doctors in negotiating compensation from the government. Surely if the Society does a satisfactory job it would be in my interest to join voluntarily. I am only free to charge patients for some services which the government does not want to pay. I cannot offer to look after a patient for a fee, nor can that patient offer me a fee to give individual service. We cannot strike a bargain of the nature of my service to a patient in return for an agreed fee,  if that fee is a quantity of fiat currency: the government who runs the medical services makes it illegal for us to strike such a bargain.

I own my home, but not totally. Local government with the help of house value estimations by the Province demands a house tax every year in return for “services”. If I do not pay these fees “my house” can be seized. There is no question of me claiming that I do not want or need these services and that I will make my own arrangements for the things I want. That is not allowed.

Every year the Federal and Provincial governments levy yet another fee on my over-burdened shoulders, income tax. I have no input into where or on what my expropriated cash will be spent on. My elected representative in both jurisdictions is purely a placeholder, has no power to present my point of view, at least not with any chance of a satisfactory resolution. In truth all government needs to do is as Lew Rockwell suggests. It should make sure I honour my commitments and my contracts and that I do not agress against anyone else. Part of its duty would be to ensure that I do not steal that which does not belong to me. Government has no need for any other function, apart from having a small military force to protect us from outside aggression.

Without the restraint and interference of government I would be free to pursue my own interests without encumbrance, providing I do not violate the laws of justice. This would allow me to pursue my life as I wish, not as some faceless politician commands.

I have gone as far as I can tonight. I know that a freedom as I describe it seems to leave the more unfortunate of us out in the cold but equitable methods can be found which will solve this problem. The unproductive in society, not the old and infirm, would get a wake up call. An economy is only as good as its productivity and prosperity comes from producing an excess which can be traded. Bastiat sums it up nicely, as he always did:

Exchange, like property, is a natural right. Every citizen who has produced or acquired a product should have the option of applying it immediately to his own use or of transferring it to whoever on the face of the earth agrees to give him in exchange the object of his desires. To deprive him of this option when he has committed no act contrary to public order and good morals, and solely to satisfy the convenience of another citizen, is to legitimize an act of plunder and to violate the law of justice.

Frédéric Bastiat, “Property and Law” [1848

I have emphasized the law of justice and I hope conveyed that we only require a very limited government to achieve this. I hope to enlarge on the subject of freedom next time. If you believe you are free think hard about it and you will find that you are not. Comparisons with other countries matter not. It is Canada, my homeland, that concerns me.

A Short Note Regarding Being Optimistic

There was a comment regarding my last blog that I am verging on being a conspiracy theorist and am too pessimistic. Certainly my writings can be interpreted that way. What I believe is that we are at the natural termination of an experiment in democracy and finance. There is a conglomeration of psychopathy at the head of our large corporations and our governments. Those who are not psychopathic are acting in their self-interest while reassuring themselves that they are trying to help their constituency. No conspiracy, just the inevitable concentration of opportunistic people having power over the masses. That there are truly evil people in this group should not be doubted. Everyone in this group, acting in their own self-interest, just happens to have roughly the same object in view. Power and wealth.

In holding the view that I have just described I admit that I am being very pessimistic to the point of total despair. This is not a natural thing for me as my character is essentially an optimistic one. I abhor the “precautionary principle” in the pseudo science of climate change but seem to have talked myself into that type of thinking with regard to the state of our civilization. There may be no active resistance available to the masses but we should at least be psychologically prepared for the coming nastiness.

We should contemplate how we will accommodate the future financial manipulations, which will fail. The Bank of Canada has already mused about negative interest rates and around 20% or so of the worlds central banks are already at that point. Negative interest rates can only be implemented if cash is forbidden. All monetary transactions will have to go through the banks thus ensuring that government knows about every cent we spend and have. This is a taxation bureaucrat’s heaven. The banks will be in favour of course as they will be able to game the system in its entirety. The only recourse that we the people will have is to resort to barter. At one stroke we have regressed a few hundred years. I am not against barter but I am against coercion.

Throughout history man has striven for liberty and the optimistic part of me remembers my history. We may descend into chaos for a while, but will fairly soon organize ourselves into a more rational and equal society. As a species we have consistently dodged the bullet and succeeded in advancing the condition of the bulk of the people. This time the whole world is involved but we have the advantage of electronic communication. There may be efforts to shut that communication down, but we will find a way round these efforts, first locally, then expanding to reach the whole of humanity.

This is a short post, but I think this is a good point to finish. I am optimistic that things will work out well for our children and certainly for our grandchildren.

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

Tonight I think I will just write about a few things as I think about them. As a follow-up to my last, now rather distant blog, I would say that there is only one group who will effect change and that is the great bulk of us at the base of the pyramid who are not connected to the political or moneyed class. As it happens those in power are screwing up so badly in their greed that there soon will be financial collapse and while we will all suffer those at the top and their political friends will be hit the hardest, and will fall the furthest. We must try to be kind to them as they reach our level. This is going to happen sooner than most believe.

I was happy to see that our Prime Minister is going to withdraw our bombers from the Middle East. Why they were ever there I will never know. Something about supporting our American friends or similar nonsense. However he is going to send more soldiers into what is essentially a religious war between Sunni Islam and Shiite Islam. The whole thing was started by the American CIA with funding from Saudi Arabia with the idea of getting rid of the Shiite bridge –Syria– from Iran to Iraq to Lebanon. Meanwhile the Saudis want an Sunni crescent as do our NATO allies Turkey. The CIA hoped to have chaos ensue as it worked so well in Libya. Now NATO may actually have to put boots on the ground to fight ISIS in that newly USA liberated country. The whole thing is a mess and Canada should have no part of it.

The latest corporate takeover, the TPP agreement, has been signed by Canada. We do not know what is in this agreement, but what little has been leaked would seem to indicate that it is the latest attempt by Corporate America to take over the World. Our Parliament must debate this thing in a transparent fashion and if it is as bad as I think it is they must not ratify it. There is a lot of money behind this thing and I for one do not believe that Canadian politicians are less venal than the rest of the world’s political animals. We must watch this thing carefully and be prepared to voice our displeasure.

By way of light relief I must write about my adventures with Bell television. Realizing that they were charging a big buck each month I decided I would pare down my channels to the ones I actually watch. That is TSN 1 though 5 and Sportsworld. That would get me all the soccer I wanted. So I called and after a while reached an agreement for $55 a month that I would get these HD channels plus a couple more that made up their bundles. Next soccer day I switched on and I had no sports channels at all and not much of anything else. I called next day and explained the situation. They were very sorry and would restore my soccer channels immediately but at $112. As there was a game I particularly wanted to see I grudgingly accepted deciding to fight about it later. Well soccer day arrived and lo and behold—nothing. Needless to say my next call was to tell them where to put their satellite service. Well, they could cancel but they would have to charge me to the end of my billing period which was 2 weeks away. Even then they did not give me a farewell look at soccer on Bell television. Needless to say I am now with Shaw and as my cell phone contract is up next month I think Rogers or Telus will get the nod. I know they are all crooks and the contracts are set up to give them the most money and the customer the most heartburn. I sometimes think they are in league with TUMS or Gaviscon.

The Zika virus scare. What can I say about this beauty. Microcephaly can be a result of any severe insult to the pregnant mother, be it malnutrition, drugs, poverty, lots of industrial spraying in the neighbourhood and many other possible causes. There are some 25,000 case of small headed babies born in the USA every year without the help of the Zika virus. As far as I can tell the actual virus has been isolated in a very small number of the affected mothers and children. So why the rush to start a global panic. Perhaps to take our minds off of the financial train wreck going on around us. Here is a far out thought. Maybe the CIA planted this idea to further degrade Brazil’s economy in a year when the Olympics are to held in Rio de Janairo. No Olympics, further economic chaos, enter the International Money Fund (an American dominated group), who will help as long as many of Brazil’s assets are sold off on the cheap to kindly American conglomerates. Is my paranoia showing. Of course the fact that Brazil has allied itself with China is an added reason for bankrupting the country. Just look at Greece and you will understand what I mean. This whole Zika story smells rather badly. Of course a vaccine, no matter what incidental harm it may do, will be a big money maker for Big Pharma. Are there any honest entities left in the world?

The American primaries continue their hilarious progress. Only in the USA would you have as main candidates an obvious criminal and fraudster like Hillary and a billionaire game show host. We are sliding down the greasy pole to somewhere unpleasant and gathering pace at that.

Albert Camus says: “A man without ethics is a wild beast let loose upon this world.” The same sentiment can be applied to states and governments. Ethics and a true desire to help our fellow man are absent in the ivory towers from whence we are ruled. At a lower level, as my experience with Bell shows, customer service is also going the way of the Dodo bird. There are still those who will walk the extra mile to help but they are beginning to be hard to find.

End Game and Early Possible Solution

In my last effort I tried to divide Western humanity into 4 types depending on wealth and influence. To work our way forward from the mess that currently exists, this concept, although general and not inclusive, still has some utility. It is a tedious but necessary journey.

We can think of the mass of humanity as a pyramid with most of us filling up the large part at the bottom with above us a group of enablers and above that our politicians. These two comprise what we know as government. At the tip reside, in the shadows, the stupendously wealthy who in their own way largely try to control all who reside below them.

As we spin into the swamp of debt and financial ruin there is no doubt in my mind that most of the people in this pyramid want things to continue as they are and have been since 1971. This date is not entirely arbitrary as it is the year that Nixon removed the World reserve currency from attachment, however loose, to gold. This enabled governments to print currency at will and to make promises which they thought they could now finance. The world began to run on debt, which very soon overtook the productivity of the economy. Money units were printed as required and those closest to the printing gained the most. The system allowed banks to create money from thin air in the form of debt and enabled the rich and well connected to become richer while we, who assumed this debt, became poorer. We acquired more stuff by taking on debt and gave up our lives to the money creators. This has reached its mathematical end.

Whether we are being deliberately thrust into financial ruin in order to create a new system with those at the top remaining at the top, or whether this is just an historical and financial inevitability I do not know. I do think that there remain some last gasp attempts to keep the system going. We will soon be at negative interest rates, a situation which makes a mockery of the pricing of currency. The Bank of Canada is drifting in that direction and I believe will go there, ignoring the havoc that has been caused in parts of Europe where they have already tried this out. Negative interest rates will fail to keep our financial system afloat and I think what will happen then is further money printing which will be given to the base of my pyramid. We may find that our bank accounts have been credited with sums of non-taxable money, or that we will have a year of no taxes with the central bank printing the money that the government will need in order to carry on. This will be such an attractive idea to everyone that it may happen. It will not work for long as price discovery is further obscured and hyperinflation or hyper-stagflation will follow. Thus things will continue as they are a little longer.

The timing of the sequence I have tried to describe is impossible to foretell, but it does seem to me that things are accelerating and I personally do not think that the current system lasts to see 2017. I do, however, have a habit of being too early in my personal predictions, so perhaps it will be longer.

I have tried not to think of war as being a solution which will enable the top of the pyramid to survive. Historically war has been the means of diverting the population from the problems of those in power. With thousands of nuclear weapons scattered around there is little doubt that such a war would not remain localized or conventional for long. Whichever combatant perceives that it is losing will have little reason not to unleash its nuclear arsenal. Equally there will be those who believe that if they strike early enough and with enough power, they will “win”. The bulk of humanity, perhaps all of it, will not survive in any recognizable fashion if this becomes the solution.

I will concede that there may be many other ways for the end game that is in progress to end. Perhaps a smooth transition to a New World Order can be achieved with the dollar disappearing as reserve currency and a basket of currencies controlled by the International Monetary Fund will take over. This was John Maynard Keynes preferred solution in the 1930’s. He called this new currency unit the bancor. Most present day economists proclaim themselves to be followers of Keynes, so this is the likely path that the West will attempt to take. This will require the Chinese, the Russians and sundry other peoples who are not subservient to the USA, to agree. It is hard to see this happening without the war solution being enacted.

Maybe the dollar continues on its path to destruction. I know it is a strong currency compared to others, but this is temporary. It will implode. The Chinese Yuan may become the default world reserve currency and the game can go on, though shifted to the East. Perhaps the world will become that of Orwell’s 1984 divided into Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia and maybe we will all take Soma as in Huxley’s Brave New World, and be happy with our lot. None of these “solutions” appeals to me and I fervently hope there is another way.

The macro solution which will enable the human race to go on as a free and successful species can be seen by going back to my pyramid. Those at the apex cannot be reached but the source of their power and privilege can be removed. This means that government has to change; it has to be greatly reduced and its army of enablers disbanded. Large banks have to be destroyed which means a new financial system rooted in reality has to be created. Monopolistic large companies must be broken up. We must become more local in our outlook. By removing the power and influence of the two middle layers of my pyramid the top layer will atrophy and the bulk of us can truly prosper. This is not Marxism as I see it. It becomes a kind of mutualism which is small, local and all of us have an interest in its success. A kind of credit union expanded to all human endeavours. How to get there with the smallest amount of damage to the largest amount of people is the challenge. The macro part is clear in my mind; the micro part is very hazy.

What Kind of People are We?

In my last blog I sketched the pathways that all empires in history follow. The common factors in their trajectory is over-reach, corruption, greed and always at the heart of the matter, currency debasement. This seems understandable enough, but I have to wonder — why do we not learn? If the mistakes have been documented over and over again, why do we allow them to happen one more time? It would seem that mankind has some sort of in-built flaw which makes avoidance of the mistakes of history impossible. I am going to try and describe what kind of people we are and why our “empire” is where it is.

I am only going to consider the English speaking world, because I have always lived in that world and I have a shot at understanding it a little. However, I am sure that what I am trying to say may very well apply in large measure to the Asian and mainland European countries also. The English speaking world has parliamentary democracy as its political system. There are differences in how the system is applied but in essence the theory is that all of the adult residents of the country are allowed to vote for people who have put themselves forward as willing to act as leaders. In the main there are two opposing blocs of politicians who form political parties with some sort of ideology as a guiding principle.

In any country there are roughly four groups of people. The bulk of us have some interest in the political process and have some sort of bias toward the political party we favour. We may have developed this bias because our parents had it or we may be seduced by the goodies offered by our favoured party. We may even feel that the leader, or the most prominent of the politicians, is such an attractive trustworthy person that we just have to, or may as well, give him our vote. This latter is the triumph of hope over experience. More and more in the present age we may decide that none of the candidates meets with our approval and that our vote will make no difference, so we do not vote at all. In Canada we have three main parties and a “first past the post wins” system. With a low voter turnout and divided vote it is possible to win the election and govern with a minority of the votes. In fact this is what almost always happens. We are a democracy but the governing party is one which the majority of people did not want. This is a bad start to running a country.

Although there are a few who genuinely care about the outcome of their efforts to help humanity, the next group contains the actual politicians — most of whom one would suspect are looking after themselves. Why would anyone want to put himself out in public to be reviled by many and run the danger of having one’s past little mistakes revealed? The big attraction, I suspect, is power, prestige, meeting the rich and famous and perhaps being set up for life in an affluent style. Being called a few names may be worth it. At this point I am talking about those who have risen to the top of the political heap and are first ministers and cabinet members. This group is now surrounded by similarly powerful colleagues and takes advice from advisers who have risen with them. They are now some distance from those who voted for them. The majority of politicians will never reach these exalted heights and have to console themselves with the possibility of a rather good pension for life when they decide to be no longer a politician. They will never make important decisions as they are told which policies they will support and can spend their time soothing constituents in the home riding. It is a good job, with good pay, benefits, pension plans and is not too arduous. A year or so after leaving their elected position no one will remember their names. This means that only the small group at the top, elected by a minority, runs the country.

The third group contains those who work directly for the government and whose financial well-being depends entirely on that government. Many of these are also in my first group and have no interest in elected office; just a wish to be left alone, to work, get paid and go home. But there is a hierarchy in this group. There is always a boss, who also has a boss, sometimes several, and so on up the ladder of government employment until the pinnacle is reached. This would be to become a deputy minister of a department second only to the elected minister. By and large those who are at the higher levels of the bureaucracy are employed for life with impressive salaries and even more impressive pensions. These are the people who fly around the country (and sometimes the World), first class of course, to attend weighty meetings with similar high level personnel. These are the people who hire the “experts” from academia and business to give them advice in further weighty meetings. These are the government movers and shakers whose names we rarely know and who are never elected by any of us.

Lastly there is the true elite. The money people who live in the shadows pulling financial strings to further enrich themselves. These are the people who limit the possibilities of the best attempts of any politician and bureaucrat. They are like Meyer Rothschild who said, roughly, “let me control the finances and I care not who governs.”  I am not a conspiracy theorist — I just believe that this group has roughly the same driving principle: get even richer, no matter the cost to the rest of humanity. To say that this group is soulless, psychopathic and sociopathic is to reach the limits of language in describing all that is wrong with our modern world. This group also is never elected but usually derives its power from an accident of birth.

Having written myself into profound despair I will stop now. I think in essence that there is some truth in what I have tried to convey. Our democracy means nothing. We are not free people. As George Carlin said, “It’s a BIG CLUB – and you ain’t in it!”

Empires in Decline

Throughout history there are examples of Empires forming, gradually decaying and finally disappearing. This process follows a similar course in all known cases. For our present purposes we can combine the Western bloc into one big Empire with the United States at its centre. The countries in the West are similar in that their governments are large and their economies as mature as the current financial system will allow. All have Central Banks managing the finances and all are well down the road to be fully fledged welfare states, with huge bureaucracies. They also claim to be representative democracies of one kind or another. Finally they are all teetering on the edge of insolvency and in fact most are totally broke with no hope of recovery. In describing the United States of America, the Canadian writer Mark Steyn said, “the US is the brokest in the history of brokeness; it has to pay back a debt of almost 19 trillion dollars just to get back to having nothing at all.” Unfortunately he could have said something similar about Canada.

The most well known history of an empire in decline is that of the Roman Empire which at one time ruled over a huge piece of the known world, (known to them, that is). It had a large professional army, the most skilled of which was dedicated to the protection of the rulers who lived increasingly decadent and luxurious lives. To keep the general population reasonably content and not rebellious even though the corruption of the rulers was known, the government gave free corn, for bread, to everyone, and arranged massive spectacular games with gladiators, exotic animals and a great deal of blood. In short, the populace was kept quiet with bread and circuses. All of this was expensive and eventually the empire reached the point where it could no longer increase its riches by conquest or trade. The only way to continue things was to debase the coinage gradually, which of course eventually reached the point that the coinage was worthless as it no longer contained any silver. The population became rebellious and the decay at the heart of the empire finally caused its destruction, as it was now too weak to combat invaders from outside.

The rise and fall of empires has many other examples in China, Mongolia, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and more that I have never heard of. No matter the place nor the historical time, the pattern is the same: a rise to prominence, a brief idyllic spell followed by over-expansion, gradual corruption of the rulers (and their lackeys) debasement of the currency, needless wars, followed by decline and fall.

The West has long since peaked and is now in decline. Our population receives free bread, (healthcare, welfare, and numerous other gifts from our rulers) and there are no end of circuses from X-factor, Survivor, Facebook, Hockey, Baseball and my favourite, Soccer. Our currency is in terminal decline. Using the Bank of Canada’s calculator which uses official consumer price inflation, I compared my income in 1981, when I arrived in Barrington, to now. The Bank claims that there has been an average 2.69 % inflation during these years. What cost 100 dollars in 1981 now costs 246 dollars and 32 cents; almost two and one half times. Even if the Bank’s inflation figures are correct, a dubious proposition at best, I am not paid 2 1/2 times what I earned in 1981 per patient contact. In the 34 years the percentage of my income taken in taxes has risen, without an end in sight. I am much poorer on a per work unit income than I was. I am not alone. I think the same calculation could be made for most. I suspect that the group which has suffered least is that which works directly for government, with the grandiose benefits and pensions that come with the job.

Accurate figures for Canadian National Debt are hard to find. Wikipedia has some which may or may not be close to reality. In 1981 the debt was 91.1 billion dollars having been adjusted for inflation as of 2013. By 2014 the debt had risen to 611.9 billion dollars. It had increased by 6.72 times. This would not be a problem as long as out Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had risen by a like amount. According to Wikipedia the figures are 360.5 billion in 1981 and 1649.2 billion in 2014. This figure shows GDP growing by 4.57 times. We are running the country at a loss. Throw in the Provincial debt and the figures get much worse. The difference is made up by borrowing to balance the books. Of course GDP contains in its number government activity and spending which contributes marginally to our productivity.

Similar figures can be obtained for the UK, US, European Union, Australia and New Zealand. If I have missed a first world western country, I apologize.

With all these figures in mind we can see where we stand now. We are insolvent and not productive enough for our life style. We are borrowing money to make ends meet and debasing the currency in an effort to make our debt worth less. This strategy has never worked in all of history. In addition our lead country, to the South of us, seems intent on becoming hated by everyone and starting wars with many. This is another mark of a decline and fall of empire. As long as the psychopaths in Washington and London do not go all in with a nuclear war ,believing that such can be “won”, we will continue on the down slope till some form of reset takes place. I am open to suggestions as to what that may look like.


As the Paris Accord on climate change concludes, and as we wait breathlessly to see whether the Federal Reserve will or won’t raise interest rates by a measly 0.25 per cent, I have been thinking out loud and regaling my wife with my vocal distaste for all things Government. I have decided just to list some of them, believing that no context is required.

  • Government is a make work project funded on the backs of those with real jobs.
  • We live in a representative democracy but our representatives do not represent the demos.
  • Winners and losers are picked by the government so there is no free market.
  • We all suffer because of government.
  • The more psychopathic, devious and twisted you are, the greater your chances of reaching the top.
  • “Climate Scientists” are not scientists they are political scientists. They are not following the scientific method, they are following the political method.
  • How can anyone believe that something with the complexity of this planet and our sun think that one simple gas CO2 can control the whole climate. It is ridiculous, simplistic and just wrong.
  • When it comes to man against the planet, the planet wins every time.
  • The World is completely mad and anyone who does not believe this is equally mad.
  • A fake fucking world we live in.

There is more that could be, and certainly will be, said by me as I continue my emotional and intellectual disconnect from the madness surrounding us. Too many people are accepting things as they are and are not confronting the dreadful situation we are in as a result of our Western system of government and finance. I intend to live long enough to watch the inevitable collapse we are facing and my instinct says I will not be much older before it happens. Then what happens? To be or not to be, that is the question, as Hamlet asks, and then goes on to give us the possibilities. He was a gloomy Dane but his creator knew a thing or two.

One last thing. Before anyone says it, I am completely aware that I am a government employee in all but name. This is because it is the law, not my choice.